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YOPA Group LLC was established by founder and president Yvan O. Polonio in 2010. Mr. Polonio is an honors graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Design in Architectural Studies Degree received in 2002 and Masters of Architecture Degree received in 2005. Our services include:

Architectural Design Project Management

Construction Contract Administration

Business Development


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Numbers Crunched

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Coffee Cups

Taxes Filed

Our Team

Yvan O. Polonio


Email: [email protected]

Ivonne Polonio

Tax Professional / Accounting / Notary Public

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Tax divison

We guide our clients through a tax planning and preparation process to maximize tax returns with all necessary filings and reduce overall taxation to the maximum amount allowed by law. We dedicate sincere and honest time to build and develop customer relationships with each and every one of our clients. Commitment to nothing less than client satisfaction is our primary goal. Let us assist you in staying on top of your taxes by providing you a variety of services:

Electronic Filing

Individual Taxes


Appointment Flexibility

Tax Planning Strategies

IRS Payment Plan

Year Round Support



Free Tax Consultation

Notary Public

IRS Tax Updates

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